[How important is the warehouse in the SC]

Warehousing solution as part of logistics management systems which is itself a component in the SC. It does a contribution to reduce costs and improved service, flexibility, and responsiveness by its value:

  • Storing product to fulfill customer demand and protect against uncertainties in demand and lead-time
  • Providing customers with product assortment
  • Postponing or delaying inventory commitment to form or location until demand is better known
  • Achieving low total cost and improved lead-time through consolidating multiple orders
  • Reducing lead-time through cross-docking
  • Sequencing materials and components from multiple third-party logistics providers for time-based delivery to factory production lines
  • Performing light manufacturing, assembly, and kitting

[The Benefits of Boned Warehouse_BW]

1@The greatest advantage of putting away imported goods in a BW is that: Duties and taxes are held off until those items are taken out of storage. Duties and taxes are collected at rates on the date of the stock leaving the BW.

2@Inspecting Goods: Importers have the right to request imported goods to be inspected in a BW before paying duty and taxes for checking goods.
3@Sampling Goods: Importers have an chance of taking products kept in a BW to be demonstrated to potential buyers.

4@Repackaging Goods: Importers can have a BW repackage products from their original wrapping into smaller or bigger packages.

5@Re-export Goods: Imported goods can be shipped from a BW to buyers in another country. If half of an original shipment of electronics is re-exported from the bonded warehouse to outside the country, that part is not subject to duties and taxes.

6@Moving Inventory to Ship Stores: Importers can move stock from BW to vessels (a.k.a. ship stores) outside of the country. Ship stores include stock such as foodstuff, alcohol and tobacco. When stocked from a BW, those goods will be exempt from duties and taxes as long as the ship stores travel out of your country.

7@Moving Inventory to Duty Free Shops: BW can be found close to duty free ships, predominantly near airports. Imported merchandise ranging from candies, jewelry, pencils, alcohol and tobacco can be moved from BW to duty free shops. Duty and taxes are taxed when imported merchandise are removed from a bonded warehouse. Duty or taxes are not owed on merchandise relocated to duty free shops.

8@Transferring Ownership of Goods: Importers have the option of selling their stock kept in a BW to some other buyer. Once ownership is transferred to the other buyer, the new owner is responsible for paying any relevant duties and taxes. These amounts are owed when the imported goods are removed from the BW for sale in your country.

9@Moving Goods to another BW: Duties or taxes are not owed on imported goods transported to another BW. Importers can transfer their goods from a BW to another duty free area and without paying taxes.