How important is the transport in the S.C ?
1- Transport serves as a ‘bridge’ over the buyer-seller gap and plays an most important role in the total logistics costs in most of the S.C due to:
-It absorbs, on average, about 40% to 50% of the organisation’s overall logistics costs.
-Transportation is the physical link connecting a company’s customers, raw materials suppliers, plants, warehouses and distribution channel.
-The transportation system is physically composed of the networks over which freight is moved and of the equipment used to transport freight. The system includes vehicles, terminals, pipes, highways, waterways, airways, railroad,  trucks, etc…
-Therefore, the   effective   management   of   this   component   of  logistics is an extremely important one to reduce logistics cost for our customers
2-Bring benefits to customers for the “economies of scale” due to:
-Our advantage of leveraged buying power
-Single point of contact to different preferred carriers with ample routeing sailing schedule
-Qualified staff with effective & efficient standard operation procedures
-Different transport solution like consolidation, break-bulk, sea-air, multi-model …