Incoterms quiz

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1. Which Incoterms represents the minimum obligation for the seller?


2. When a buyer is using Ex-Works incoterms where does his responsibility start?


3. Which Incoterm represents the seller’s maximum obligation?


4. EXW – Must seller load on buyer’s vehicle?


5. EXW – What happens if seller assists with the loading anyway? 


6. Event the incoterms has been determined by seller and buyer but there are some points in sales contract which are not in accordance with the incoterms then which one should be finally applicable ?


7. CIF – Who pays terminal handling charges (THC) in port of arrival?


8. FOB – Who pays for pre-carriage?


9. FOB – Who pays Terminal Handling Charges (THC)?


10. EXW – Must seller load on buyer’s vehicle?


11. Theo điều kiện FCA (…) Incoterms 2010, nếu người mua yêu cầu giao hàng tại xưởng của người bán thì ai có trách nhiệm bốc hàng lên phương tiện vận tải ?


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